Jeffrey B. Tuttle was selected and profiled as a Super Lawyer

Washington Law and Politics magazine began publishing a list of Washington's most accomplished lawyers in 2000. The attorneys selected were designated as Super Lawyers. These lawyers received the highest point totals, as rated by their peers and through independent research by Law and Politics Magazine. Bar associations and courts across the country have recognized the Super Lawyers selection process as being through and reliable.

Mr. Tuttle is honored to have been selected as a Super Lawyer beginning in 2000, and continuing in years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. He has also been selected as a member of "Who's Who in Plaintiff's Personal Injury". This list includes the top 40 personal injury lawyers in Washington as determined by their peers on an annual basis.

While Mr. Tuttle's consistent recognition as a competent, capable lawyer is a tremendous honor, he has always believed that his clients' vote of confidence is the most important. In short, Tuttle and Associates only succeeds when our clients tell us "if faced with the same situation again, I would make the same choice for legal representation."

The Super Lawyer selection process

There were more than 5,000 votes this year that were cast in the Law & Politics magazine Super Lawyer survey. It was mailed to 6,500 randomly selected attorneys across Washington. Each ballot had the name of the addressee-attorney on it. Only ballots properly verified by that attorney (with signature and attorney registration number filled in) were counted.

A blue ribbon panel consisting of 150 leading attorneys (that is, top vote-getters from the previous year's survey) representing 30 areas of practice reviewed the list of nominees from the general survey.

The Super Lawyer Selection Committee, consisting of the lawyer-members of the Law & Politics Board of Directors, made a final review of the list before publication. None of these members is in private practice. A detailed record of who voted for whom was kept. This was done to prevent "log-rolling" or "back-scratching" lawyers from making the list, i.e., lawyers who received votes only from lawyers they had voted for.

No lawyer could make the list based only on same-firm votes. Self-nominations were not counted. Same-firm votes were given less weight than votes from lawyers in other firms. In addition, same-firm votes were counted only if an equal or greater number of votes were cast for lawyers in other firms.

Point totals from last year's poll of 8,000 lawyers were added to point totals for this year's poll. The final list of Super Lawyers represents those lawyers with the top point totals representing the top 5 percent of lawyers licensed to practice in Minnesota.

We are also pleased to announce that this year's list of Super Lawyers includes not only attorneys in private practice, but also non-private practice lawyers, such as prosecutors, in-house counsel and public-service lawyers.