What Our Clients Say About Us

Thanks for all your hard work on our cases. I will keep passing people your way. Washington State Patrol Detective

I was very impressed with your skill in setting up the case for maximum settlement. John H.

Thank you again for the supreme way you handled my case. I always refer people to you. Joelann Flaherty

I want to thank you very much for accepting me as a client. I feel so fortunate to have an attorney of such fine reputation to represent me. I am also impressed with your staff. Roz Deede

"Words can't express the gratitude for all your support and hours of work over the years you have spent helping with our cases." (Richard and Annelie Harvey)

"I want to thank you so much for representing me. You did an outstanding job and I really appreciated your advocacy." (Anonymous)

"Thank you so much for all your help. I am so thankful for Jeff and everyone at your office! The last four years have been emotionally draining and I so appreciate all the kindness and support I have received from Jeff and his staff. Words cannot express how blessed I am to have had Jeff represent me and help through this difficult process." (Wendy Jones)

"I send my family and friends to you because I know you are the best and will handle their case with the best of care. Hannah and my neighbor Carol were so impressed with you, your advice and sincere approach. I will continue to recommend you to anyone and everyone that needs legal counsel." (Kelly Pezoldt)

"Thank you very much from the core of my heart for supporting me during my injury and making this process easy and painless for me. I felt very supported. Every single time when I had a meeting with you, I felt like our society is so lucky to have such a wonderful attorney like you who is always ready to support people in the need of legal assistance. I truly appreciate your excellent job." (Kumuda Pokhrel)

"Thank you for touching base this morning. All your work is much appreciated. Still loving cycling." (Diane Timmons)

"We both want you to know that we appreciate all your effort and hard work on my behalf….Thank you for representing me." (Kelli Ron)

"Nervous? Who said I was nervous? I've got the best attorney on my side! Thank you." (Manny Jimenez, Northwest Paper Box)

"Thanks again for all of your efforts to get my case settled in such a satisfactory way. I truly appreciate it and have enjoyed working with you all." (Sandra Vanni)

"Thank you so much for the lovely graduation card! I could have never made it all the way through grad school without Jeff doing such a good job with my case and getting me the settlement that allowed me to pursue me degrees. I am very thankful to you guys and all the staff there for the wonderful way I was treated and love getting the Christmas cards every year!" (Trina Roufs)

"Jeff & Staff, Thank you again for all your help. It was a pleasure working with you. We shall surely pass on your name." (Karen and Allen Atwood)

"Jeff and Everyone at Tuttle and Associates, Thank you so much for all your hard work on my case these past four years. Sean and I reall appreciate everything you have done to make this process as painless as possible for us, even if that means more work for you. We were truly lucky to have worked with such great people. Thank you again." (Holly Larsen-Totten)

"To Jeff, Tracy and the office crew, Thank you so much for all your help. Your hard work will help pay for my daughter's education. Thank you again and God bless you." (Maura Orante Deyanes)

"Your excellence of work with humorous communications with all your staff is really appreciated."(Yohannes Entayo)

"Jeff, I hope things are well with you and your firm. I have sent you many referrals to Tuttle and Associates due to you guys' superb services. I wanted to thank you for taking care of me and my referrals. Best regards, "Peter" (KyungHun Chung)

"Jeff, Diane, Catherine and Traci, thank you so much for all the hard work that you put into our case. You gave us the strength and courage to move ahead with what was right for us. Jeff, when we hired you we knew that you were a great attorney. Your kindness, work ethics and professionalism went way beyond what we had ever expected. We will recommend you highly to our family and friends in need of legal services." (Marty and Anita)

"Working with Jeff and his staff was a great experience. I know Jeff has a busy practice and while my case was small, Jeff, Diane, Traci and Catherine always made me feel like I was their number one priority. Jeff never encouraged me to accept less than I deserved and he went above and beyond my expectations of what an attorney should do for his clients. Saying he was fair would be a gross understatement. I would reccomend him to anyone I know." (Jordan Steed)

"You were one of the best attorneys I have had. You didn't charge me for things you didn't do." (Steve Rutherford)

"Words cannot express our eternal gratitude for all you did in our lawsuit. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts." (Barb and Bill Murphy)

"By the way, thanks for sending Jeff Tuttle’s contact details. I met with him this week and he is currently reviewing my case to see how he can assist. So far he has provided great legal guidance. Thanks for the referral!" (Gustavo Rubio Escudero)

"Best way to find a good attorney is word of mouth and you have done a fabulous job for me. Thank you." (Shellie Lee)

"She could not have made a better choice as far as attorneys go." (Robert Newman. Regarding a co-worker's choice to have Jeffrey Tuttle as her personal injury attorney)

"Thank you for helping me with my car insurance. I was reinstated." (Veronica Rivera)

"Thank you Jeff and Traci for all your hard work!" (Fawn Johnson)

"Even though we are on vacation, we are thinking of you. Thank you both for the professionalism you showed and warm, personal touches which helped us during these trying times. We really enjoyed celebrating everyone's victory." (Carol & Roy Leibowitz)

"It was a great relief to me when the decision was made to retain you. You made it possible to navigate through a disaster. I now feel that my mother can be suppoted financially for whatever events occur in the future". (Anne Ross)

"I wouldn't have made it through without your help and talent". (Trina Roufs)

"When ever anybody asks me or us for an attorney, I always think of you". (Carmen Varnado Wixx)

"I want to thank you for all your hard work and advice. I have found much respect for you". (Amy Hayes, Barbara, & Jack)


What Other Professionals Say About Us

"Over the Christmas break a friend of mine, a GC at a well known company in Seattle, called to ask 'some questions' about an auto accident in which his wife was involved. Long story short, your paralegal spent a bunch of time on the phone with him, was 'incredible, awesome, wonderful' as he put it, putting him at ease, giving him a paradigm with which to address the situation. So thank you very much for proving yourself the people I think you are when I refer cases to you, real and caring people who will help a guy who others might hang up on as 'the enemy' when there isn’t any money in it for you, just because it is the right thing to do. Thank you again," (Phil McCune, Partner, Summit Law)

"I appreciate your professionalism in moving this case towards settlement without substantial discovery. I wish all counsel were so easy to work with and were straight shooters who can evaluate a case without a ton of discovery. I look forward to our next case together. You did a great job for your client and I hope she can figure out her migraines and seizures." (Roy Umlauf)

"I would like to thank Jeff Tuttle for his assistance in getting this publication off the ground. He was particularly helpful in recruiting many of the authors. I highly recommend it to those of you who have not yet ordered it." (Maria Diamond WSAJ President. Regarding the production of the WSAJ Automobile Accident Litigation Deskbook)

"I was very impressed with the way you worked the case up for trial and the manner in which you handled the settlement discussions. You guys did very fine work." (-Charles S. Burdell, Jr. Judicial Dispute Resolution, LLC Former King County Superior Court Judge)

"Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak at the " Automobile Accident Litigation" seminar. It was a successful seminar and received high marks on the evaluations." (Clare T. Zeran Seminar Coordinator WSAJ Legal Educational Seminars)